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I’ve really been getting into Instagram over the last few months, and love some of the super stylish photos people create, as well as the less so stylish ones of things like a swingball set and cups of tea (guilty on both counts). Here’s a glimpse into what my week looked like…

Clockwise from top left

1. It was my daughter’s first birthday, and as every cake I’ve baked in the past, I’d say, 20 years, has sunk, I bought this uber-girlie one from M&S (where else). First born devoured the fairy.

2. Baby gal in her first party frock.

3. A snap of the Russian doll wall stickers on my daughter’s bedroom wall. They’re not a new addition, I just like them, despite them maybe not looking the happiest of dolls.

4. My sister-in-law bought my son a Make Your Own Monster kit from Donna Wilson, so I’ve been helping him sew it together… More about that on the blog this week.

5. Our corner of the world has not only hosted The Open golf championship this week, but has also had an arts festival called The Festival of Firsts. This bike, covered in brightly coloured wool, is adorning our Main Street right now.

6. Just to show my family are reading my blog and my recent posts about Donna Wilson’s wonderful knitted creatures, not only did we get a Donna Wilson monster kit, my mum bought me one of the glasses I wrote about a few weeks ago. What a fab mummy. I love it!

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