Salt dough decorations – part two


It seems like weeks ago but it was actually only last weekend, I started making salt dough decorations with the kids for Christmas. It didn’t go totally to plan (of course it didn’t) but then it wasn’t a complete disaster either. I think I baked them at too high a temperature and they bubbled up a bit, but now we’ve got to the painting stage that thankfully doesn’t seem to matter.

We had a new set of paints to open, which was probably one of the highlights for first born. Not only were they a new set of paints, but all importantly, they came in a case. Cue games such as “oh hello, I’m the decorator, and I’ve come to paint your house!” and other such words to strike fear into the hearts of parents. Anyway, once opened, this Aldi paint set was just what we needed, as it had loads of colours to choose from and a couple of metallic ones too.

I’m sure if you were doing this properly you would varnish them or add some kind of seal, but as time doesn’t allow for this we are just going to paint on and see how it goes. They look good though, don’t you think?

My favourite ones – the bronze reindeer, and the little boy dressed like first born on his way to school. Only with a much pinker face. (If you can’t guess it’s the one on the plate just beneath the reindeer). I wonder if they’ll last until next Christmas?

X Julia


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    Salt dough decorations - part one - Rainbeaubelle
    December 22, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    […] If you’d like to read about how we painted the decorations, you can do here. […]

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