A teepee sleepover

Sam at his sleepover

Sleepovers have a pretty bad rep don’t they? All sugar highs and tired eyes. After hosting our first group sleepover I can confirm this is all true, but they are also lots of fun too. Sam’s sleepover party was a good six months ago now and I hate to admit it, but this post has been in draft since then. Does that make me the slowest blogger ever? My blog has been really neglected this year and when I say…

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  • Blueberry muffin done
    Food, Life

    Take my blues away blueberry muffins

    Some days just call for a sugar rush and the ultimate of comfort food in the form of homemade cake. Homemade muffins, really, and the bigger, the squidgier and warmer the better. The fresh blueberries in these heat up in the oven and turn into…

  • Award star

    Winning my first blog award #NBAs18

    Something wonderful happened a few weeks ago – I won a blogging award! It was a total surprise and such a lovely one when I found out I’d been named as Best Lifestyle Blogger at the Northern Blog Awards (NBAs). I’ve been blogging here for…

  • Dad wedding
    Family, Loss

    Losing My Dad

    Now here is a chapter that I never thought I would write so soon. Earlier this month, on 4 September 2018, my dad died. It was sudden. His health had been deteriorating over the past few years, he had parkinson’s disease and had some heart…

  • Me and Mine close up
    Family, Me and Mine

    Me and Mine – A Portrait for June 2018

    Here we are in July and the weather is scorchio! June was a pretty eventful month, although I must admit to having to look through my Instagram feed to remember what we got up to, we were busy as ever and have all had a…

  • June moon burning

    New moon, new me | A ritualistic burning

    At what I see is a crossroads in my life I’m constantly looking for answers to what might help me piece myself back together. It’s like when Roger died, my future died too and it’s taking a hell of a long time to feel like…

  • Rudding Park spa cafe
    Beauty, Blog

    Luxury lounging, outdoor spas and fizz

    There are spa days, and then there are super luxurious spa days in five star surroundings with decor to die for, making you feel like you haven’t just had a day out in Yorkshire but a weekend away on the Amalfi Coast. That was how…

  • Me and Mine May 18

    Bluebells, blooms and being late

    Let’s just ignore the fact my last post was a month ago and was also an apology for why I hadn’t written in so long, shall we? I’ve started a few posts in that time but never got round to finishing them. I want to…

  • Think Less Do More

    Since I’ve Been Gone – An Apology

    In my five or so years of blogging I have never had such a long break as I’ve just had. I haven’t posted for a month, I have neglected this space and I’m sorry. I’m not just apologising to you, I’m apologising to myself too.…

  • Mother's Day cards
    Family, Loss

    Losing a parent and who’s teaching who?

    This grief business has no rulebook and I for one have no idea how any of us are going to feel from one day to the next. That’s not to say my children and I live some kind of unstable, vitriolic bubble which could explode…

  • Family, Holidays, Travel

    Ten things we did in Malaga

    We spent five days in Malaga over February half term and while there discovered it has so much to offer, perfect for a city break and fantastic for kids. Less than three hours on the plane from Leeds and we arrived in southern Spain to…

  • Me and Mine Jan 18
    Me and Mine

    Me and Mine – A Portrait for January 2018

    They say we see beauty in life’s imperfections and I think that’s why I love these photos of the three of us. To my critical eye the light could be better, the background tidier, but we couldn’t look more like us if we tried! The…