Bluebells, blooms and being late

Me and Mine May 18

Me and Mine May 18

Let’s just ignore the fact my last post was a month ago and was also an apology for why I hadn’t written in so long, shall we?

I’ve started a few posts in that time but never got round to finishing them. I want to keep going but my motivation seems to have left the room and with it are the things I want to record but are passing me by.

I’ve missed a few of my monthly family portraits but will be back at the end of May I promise. I even have some photos lined up of the three of us where we are all looking at the camera and not seeming too ridiculous, thanks to my sister’s photography skills!

I know the family portrait project isn’t for everyone and you may get fed up of seeing us at the end of each month – but I don’t want to stop it as I love how we’ve now got a collection of regular photos from the past three years. I need to start making more of an effort with these as the past few months it’s all been a bit last minute.

A half-written post in April reminds me that I never shared our first family trip to London, a massive success which included meeting up and staying with my blog friend Amy, an incredible lady who I met through this writing/oversharing/picture-taking business and has become a really good friend.

Wild garlic flowers

Sitting on a log

I also missed writing about Sam’s birthday, as he turned nine last month. Nine! He had a trampoline park party and hoverboard birthday present and I’m happy to report that neither ended in a trip to A&E, despite the biggest injury being mine when I fell off the hoverboard onto my parents’ patio. Not pretty!

Anyway – bluebells! Aren’t they pretty? We went for a walk last weekend to the woods which are known for being carpeted in bluebells at this time of year. Like blossom, they bloom, look and smell amazing and in a few weeks they are gone so it was good to walk among them while they were there.

Immersing yourself in nature is so good for the soul isn’t it, and reminds you that nothing is permanent, life goes in cycles and good things can happen again. It’s the reminder I needed as my emotions seem to be pretty up and down lately and I still feel like I’m on the floor some days and I’m nearly three years down the line.

I’ve been talking a lot about Roger lately and what happened when we found out he was terminal, for a new project I’m working on. It’s funny how when you talk about it all again you remember new things, you can go back to that day and it can make you reevaluate things. I remembered things like what I ate – or didn’t, as I think my daily calories that day were consumed in red wine – what I wore, what time I went to bed, but I can’t really remember what we said to each other.

Flo's toffee ladybird

Bluebell woods

I’m dwelling now when I set out to write about our walk in bluebell woods – wonder if this is why my blog has taken a back seat lately!

We waked through the woods, built a den by a tree, took lots of photographs, got lost, picked some wild garlic and Flo found a ladybird, called her Toffee and tried to bring her home to keep as a pet. She said it was the best day of her life but when we got home, Toffee had flown and so the pet excitement quickly disappeared.

Still, it was a gorgeous warm morning meandering through the woods, a perfect chance to take some time out and carve ourselves a bit of necessary breathing space from the real world.

We all need that, don’t we?

x Julia

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