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  • Dad wedding
    Family, Loss

    Losing My Dad

    Now here is a chapter that I never thought I would write so soon. Earlier this month, on 4 September 2018, my dad died. It was sudden. His health had been…

  • Roger and all of us July 2015

    Widowhood, My Chapter One

    For a while now I’ve been trying to write a book. My motivation is going, I’m questioning whether it’s something I can do and whether it would help me or hold…

  • Love sign in lights
    Family, Life, Loss

    Widowed, single and dating

    You may have guessed (well it’s pretty obvious as I write about being widowed) but I’m single. I’ve dated a bit but so far nothing serious has happened and I think…

  • Flowers in milk bottles
    Family life, Loss

    Two years on

    Two years on from my husband’s death and when people ask me if I’m ok, well sometimes I am and other times I am anything but. The thing about loss and…

  • Balloons on the moor for Roger
    Family, Loss

    Birthday balloons for daddy

    It has become tradition now that on special dates we let balloons go up in the sky in memory of Roger. I can’t say it’s on days when we want to…

  • Daffodils - Rainbeaubelle

    Those dates again | Happy Anniversary to me!

    Milestone dates. Don’t you just love them? When they are reminders of things to celebrate they’re great, but when they’re hanging around reminding you of something you’ve lost, not so great.…

  • Shredded paper in my office

    Continuing the life detox and declutter

    One of the things I wasn’t prepared for when Roger died was the masses of paperwork that needed doing in the weeks that followed. At a time when your mind goes…

  • Roger in France

    Reminders and 18 months gone

    I was reminded this morning, thanks to Facebook and those little notifications that tell you what you posted on this day in the past, that it’s been two years to the…

  • Flo sitting in leaves

    My little girl’s grief: ‘I miss daddy’

    ‘I miss daddy’, ‘I want daddy’ and ‘where’s daddy?’ are things I hear every single day from my little girl. When my husband died, my concern for how our children would…