Me and Mine

Me and Mine – A Portrait for December 2017

Me and Mine living room kneeling

Me and Mine living room kneeling

Another year over and a busy December full of ups and downs for me. It’s such a busy month for everyone and I struggle with the run-up to Christmas and all its nostalgia and ‘happy happy’ vibes. I used to love this time of year before I was widowed and still get the fun and excitement coming back at times. I think once all the hype has calmed down and it’s actually Christmas – say from the 22nd onwards – I can relax a little bit and really enjoy it.

I loved Christmas morning and watching Sam and Flo open their presents. It’s so lovely as a parent to see their happy faces and I think adults always relive a bit of that anticipation through our kids don’t we? The wondering if Father Christmas has been, what he’s left in our stocking, and what those unopened gifts are that have been sitting under the tree for the past few weeks.

This year was really lovely and relaxed, we managed to sleep until about 6am – which is about normal in this house – and went downstairs to open presents, before my parents came down for a coffee and more present opening about 9am.

Sam and Flo opening presents 2017

Flo opening presents

We then all went over to my sister’s house for Christmas dinner, lots of festive drinks and game playing with the kids. All five of them!

I really like having a few days to chill out a bit and not have to be rushing around with Sam and Flo, and it was lovely to be able to see friends and go on a few long walks on the moors as well. We need to balance the food and drink with a bit of exercise, right?

I’ve just realised Sam has the same t-shirt on on a few of the pictures I’m using for our family portrait this month. It’s the ‘epic’ one from Joules, which he chose himself and always says he wants to wear. I think at eight he’s definitely more interested in what he wears, although is still pretty happy with the things I choose as well. Flo, at four, is slightly more choosy but as long as she’s in something that has a skirt, some sort of sparkle and a bit of pink, she’s ok with that.

For new year we went over to the Wirral to see family and friends, a bit of a whistlestop tour but one I’m glad we did. I love going back to our old stomping ground and this time felt pretty homesick. I think it was maybe the melancholy of new year, the fact the sun was shining and the weather was warmer than it has been in Yorkshire in months!

Sam and Flo in West Kirby

By West Kirby Marine Lake

Me and Mine in West Kirby

I had a moment of saying to Sam, do you think we should move back? And was secretly quite pleased when he said no! I mean ever since we moved more than 18 months ago he has been asking to move back, so perhaps this is a sign that he does like our new home and is more settled than I think.

I haven’t made any resolutions for 2018, but usually have some sort of hit list so perhaps I’ll write it down and share it when I’ve got my head round it being a new year. I have to say though I feel relieved we’re onto a new year, a clean sheet and as I’m a person who likes starting new things, am going to relish making my list of goals for what will hopefully be a happy new year for my little family.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a good New Year. Thank you so much for reading my blog and for sticking with me!

x Julia

Me abd Mine Christmas day

Family kids me and mine 2017

Mum and Sam 2017

Family photo 2017

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    Isabella mckay
    January 2, 2018 at 1:54 am

    Beautiful pics of all your family, hope 2018 brings good health and much happiness to all, look forward to your next post..xx

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