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Only yesterday I was congratulating myself on managing to get through a swimming lesson for my son which I had to take my daughter to as well. When I say get through, I mean manage to survive without one of us coming to some serious harm.

As my first born learns in a school pool, there are no fancy viewing galleries or even chairs to watch from. The parents sit on the floor around the pool, with only 2m of bobbly concrete between the wall and the poolside. Even in winter, the temperature is set to about 30 degrees, so the overall effect is like sitting in a sauna, fully clothed. Have you ever heard a parent say they love swimming lessons? No! Well that’s why. Don’t get me wrong, the lessons are brilliant, the teacher’s an angel with the patience of the saint. It’s just the heat that gets me.

Our local public baths, on the other hand, has water that is so cold you have to edge yourself in a centimetre at a time. So when I took baby gal for a dip this afternoon, I was glad she had a new swimsuit with a little bit more protection than a regular one. I was asked to review a Splash About BabyWrap and was eager to try it out.

The suit looks great, it’s made from a thick but soft neoprene fabric in a really pretty apple and pear print. It comes in a carry bag, which is a huge bonus for getting my little one interested, as she has a major thing about bags at the moment. Anything with a handle, and she’s there. So after we’d played with it a bit, it was time to try it on. Getting her into the BabyWrap was a bit like wrapping a present, albeit a very wriggly, chubby one! It was really easy to get on and has thick Velcro fastenings which mean you can whip it on and off extremely quickly, something which is priceless when wrestling an excitable, running baby. It’s been such great weather today so I took her into the garden in it to play before we set off to the pool, partly to see how she moved in it and partly so I could get some photos of her wearing it!

Once in the pool, she felt lovely and warm, with no goosebumps after 20 minutes or so like you sometimes get in cooler pools. Having spent a bit of time on UK beaches this summer, I have to say it would have been great to have the BabyWrap then, as it would add that at little bit of extra warmth when swimming outside. It also has a an SPF of 50, meaning fewer places to remember to put the suncream on. As we opted for the large (18-30 months), it fits really well now but has plenty of growing room too. With having the Velcro fastening, you can pull it in to fit as much as you like. An all-round thumbs up from me and a great big “Yeeeaaaaahh” from baby gal, as she can’t yet do the thumb thing.

Many thanks to Splash About for asking me to review the BabyWrap in Tutti Frutti.


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    Andrea Thompson
    September 21, 2014 at 11:02 am

    So Cute!:)

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