Me and Mine

Me and Mine – A Family Portrait for November 2017

Me and Mine in November 2017

Me and Mine in November 2017

My monthly update for November is a little late – the latest I have ever been with a Me and Mine post but after doing them for so long I didn’t want to miss a month.

December is always a difficult time of year for me and after a week of that I am struggling to remember what we got up to in November! I have been having some big decisions to make about my blog, as some of it has clashed with my working life and the result is that I’m not sure if I will carry it on for much longer.

It’s a change of direction that maybe will be good for me, who knows, but at the moment I can’t bring myself to give up completely so I’ll still be here with life and family posts for a while longer. My blog has been a crutch these past few years, a huge distraction and support network, and to give that up would be no easy decision for me.

It’s a funny thing though isn’t it, blogging? My son said to me this morning, “Mum, you know sometimes when we’re late for school and you shout at us? Well everyone who reads your blog thinks we’re the perfect family don’t they?”

I assured him – after I stopped laughing – that every family has its moments and I’m sure no one out there thinks we are the perfect family, but if you do then I apologise! I hope I portray our family life as honestly as I can, and although I don’t always publish the struggles and the daily annoyances it doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Me and Flo

Me and Mine scooters November 2017

I’m going off track now for a monthly update, aren’t I?! So in November I concentrated on helping myself a bit more, by keeping up with my personal training sessions and seeing them as a monthly escape. I tried boxing with Sabine yesterday and let me tell you it was brilliant! I definitely need that physical activity to burn off some extra energy. I’ve found the training has helped my running too, and made me feel stronger, fitter and more in control.

As a family we don’t seem to have had many trips away lately, apart from to the hospice last weekend which I will write about separately. November has been about cosying up, taking it easy, seeing friends and for the kids, looking forward to Christmas! It starts so early these days doesn’t it?

I hope November was good for you. These photos were taken on a walk one weekend when we went to our local monthly food market. Quickly snapped selfies this month but there will be plenty of time for festive poses next month I’m sure.

The last shot I had to include as it shows just how keen Sam is on having his photo taken sometimes!

At least we have our monthly snapshot to look back on as we have been doing since 2015, and I want to keep that going as long as I can.

x Julia

Me and Mine November

Me and Mine outtake

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