Summertime Surprise Project

Travel quote by Dragonfly - Summertime Surprise Project

In July I signed up for the Summertime Surprise Project which is organised by the super stylish photographer and blogger, Capture By Lucy. The aim of the project is to spread a bit of seasonal cheer and send a stranger something lovely, for a relatively small cost. You sign up at the start of the season (you don't have to be a blogger if you ... read this

Me and Mine – A Portrait for August


It's the end of another month and time for our Me and Mine family portrait. I still can't actually believe there are only three of us in our family photo now, what has happened in the past few months doesn't even seem real some days. I can't actually believe I'm writing that Roger is no longer with us but sadly it's true. August has been a ... read this

Yes Mum – a High-Five for Mamas

Yes Mum cards and a high five to mamas

I feel like a terrible mother. I know as I type this you will read it and say no you're not, you're doing great. You are ace, don't worry, keep it up lady! You will say what part of me is telling myself too - that it's ok not to be perfect, to have bad days, to lose your temper and to cry in front of the kids - but it's bothering me and I can't ... read this

Filey, fresh air and friends

Filey beach

After the past few weeks I felt like we really needed a break, and getting away on a Great British beach holiday in Filey seemed like the perfect option. I am from Ilkley in West Yorkshire originally, but haven't spent that much time on the East Yorkshire coast apart from a few days in Robin Hood's Bay years ago. We live nearer to Wales now, so ... read this

Setting balloons free for daddy

Balloons ready to go into the sky

Although I had been dreading the day of my husband's funeral, by the end of the day I felt we had really made the day as good as it possibly could be, a real celebration of Roger's life, sharing with his family, friends and colleagues just what a brilliant and inspirational man he was. It feels strange writing this, but I actually feel I took a lot ... read this

Gone, but never forgotten

Funeral flowers

Monday was the day of Roger's funeral and despite worrying about how it would go, what I would say, whether I would be able to speak (or even stand), it went really well and I might even go as far to say it was a day of celebration, thanksgiving and love. I woke up feeling sick and so nervous, but decided I just had to accept that time would ... read this

Red Rocks and Hilbre Island


We spent a bit of time at the beach yesterday. It was the warmest day we have had for weeks, so thought we'd make the most and join some friends for an impromptu picnic on the sand. Not far from where we live is a place called Red Rocks, a beach (with red rocks) which looks out over to the beautiful Hilbre Island. You can walk over there when ... read this

Finding words and funeral planning


I've been struggling this week I have to say. I know there are no set stages of grief but I definitely think I've passed quickly through the 'slightly relieved the pain is over' phase into the 'so sad I really miss you' phase and all the rest. To say I've felt teary is a massive understatement and where I haven't been able to wear mascara for ... read this

Me and Mine – A portrait for July

Flo's birthday

Although it makes me so sad to know that these are the last photos of all of us together, I am also glad that we do have them and that we managed to make some really happy memories just days before Roger died. Florence turned two on the Saturday, and we had a relatively quiet day with my parents, Roger's mum, sister and brother and my ... read this

A Memory Tree

Memory tree

Before I start to write I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sent their love to me and my family this week. I've been inundated with messages, comments, cards, emails - the lot, and it just goes to show what a kind and wonderful man my husband was and how many lives he touched. There is so much I could write about what's ... read this

Sad news

Rog and Sam

It is with such great sadness that I'm writing this post today. I'll keep it brief because I don't really feel like I have the words to describe what a tremendous loss I am feeling. Roger became much more poorly this week and on Thursday was readmitted to Wirral St John's Hospice, where he had been cared for so brilliantly. On Friday evening, ... read this

Summer beauty favourites

Beauty favourites

Sometimes the products you use on your skin just don't seem to work as well as they usually do and it's time for a change. I find if I use the same creams on my face for a while I don't feel as much of the benefit as I did when I first used them, so I like to swap things around every now and again. The current stresses in my life are taking ... read this

Jazz rabbits, John Coltrane and business as usual


Ever wondered what happened to the characters from the Fast Show's Jazz Club sketch? Nor me to be honest, but they made something of a reappearance over dinner when my husband Roger started doodling on a rabbit mask that was lying around on the table. These things do lie around on the table in our house as Sam is always making things and the ... read this

Now you are two


I thought I'd tell you a bit about my little wonder woman, who turns a great big two today. Florence was born on a hot day in July 2013, at the same hospital her dad was staying in after he'd fallen ill two months before. You could say she already knew a bit about stress, as I was seven months pregnant when Roger suffered a portal vein ... read this

Win name labels from Petit Fernand

Petit Fernand name label

It's nearly the end of the school year and time to start thinking about buying new uniforms and shoes for the return to class in September. I always try to order my son's school stuff early on in the holidays, to avoid the inevitable back to school panic on August bank holiday weekend. If your children are anything like mine, you'll know how ... read this