Big Fish Little Fish family rave in Liverpool

Big Fish Little Fish

Raving with your kids? What a fab idea, as I found out when I went to the Big Fish Little Fish family rave in Liverpool last weekend. You see once upon a time, I was a bit of a raver. As a teenager in the 90s I used to tape Pete Tong on Radio 1 on a Friday night, then listen back to it all week and save up for the occasional trip into Leeds ... read this

Five things we love about Whitby

Whitby fishing scene

We spent a day in Whitby while we were on holiday in North Yorkshire last month. It was the beginning of April when we stayed in a cottage in Pickering, ideally placed to visit our friends in York as well as the coastal towns of Whitby, Scarborough or even Filey a little further away. The weather was pretty overcast but we were lucky to avoid ... read this

My boy’s room styling with a comic book cushion from Coconutgrass

Kapow cushion from Coconutgrass

If I were to try to pinpoint a theme for my son's room, it would probably be a mixture of superhero meets cuddly toy overload, with a lot of homemade craft creations, self-painted pottery and fancy dress. So you're telling me that's not really a theme? Oh. Well it kind of follows the decor of the rest of our house as we've stuck to fresh white ... read this

Life’s changes and moving house


When I'm not writing about the bigger issues, like getting things out of my system or wondering where this thing called life is going (I've been listening to a lot of Prince lately), I'm probably writing about other stuff like make-up, running, or tea. It isn't because the bigger stuff has gone away, it just feels like too much to write it down. ... read this

Lavender tea, Styling the Seasons in May

Lavender grey tea

There's never an occasion where drinking tea isn't the right thing to do in my view. Even when it's time to switch to something slightly more celebratory, like prosecco or a gin and slim, tea can still taken either side! There's a certain ceremony that goes with making tea in a pot, the old fashioned way I suppose as most of us are more used to ... read this

Our team 10k for the hospice – how it went

Substandard before the run

At the beginning of the month I ran the Great Birmingham 10k with a dedicated team of work colleagues known as the Substandards, in memory of our much-loved colleague and of course my husband, Roger. I thought it was about time I updated you on how it went, as so many of you were kind enough to sponsor us and we all turned up, ran and finished! ... read this

Making a doll bag and wallet from tape

Duck tape doll bag and wallet

I'm all for a craft idea that is quick and easy to do, even more so one that doesn't involve sewing and can actually be used afterwards. My eldest, Sam, is a born crafter. He loves making things and quite often gets an idea in his head and works on it until it's finished. Or very nearly finished, depending on how long his attention span is that ... read this

Five under £5 for May

Five under £5 for May

Five days into May already, how did that happen? I can't start another blog post with an apology for being behind but seriously, I must admit most of my five things under a fiver were last minute impulse buys this time. Not that that makes them any less coveted, or handy, so here goes. If you're a G&T drinker you'll know that Fever Tree tonic ... read this

Being shortlisted for awards and a very big thank you

Thank you!

If you follow my blog on Facebook then you might, just might remember hearing me mention something about some blog awards being open for nominations. You might, just might have given me your vote - and if you did, then I just want to say thank you so much, as I've only gone and made the shortlist not only for the Bibs, but for the Mads too! If ... read this

Me and Mine April 2016

Me and Mine Sam's birthday

The photos for this month's family portrait were taken a few weeks ago on Sam's birthday, when the weather was much warmer and brighter than it is today. I'm pretty relieved actually that I was organised enough to get a few pictures of the three of us that day, to save the usual last minute panic for a Me and Mine shot that happens at the end of ... read this

Nine months and still going

Nine months flatly

It's nine months now since I lost my husband, Roger, to cancer. I can't say the pain of loss is getting any easier, but I do feel like I can cope with those desperate, dark feelings a little better - even if I can't predict when they will come. Despite the past few weeks being filled with special days for our family - like birthdays, ... read this

A Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Flowerpot close-up

Sometimes it's the smallest things that capture a child's imagination, and in this case, it's the smallest garden with the smallest fairy inside. We made this little flowerpot garden using a kit which we bought from a craft fair at Calderstones Park last weekend. Amongst other things, it came with a tiny ladder made from wire and twigs, a teeny ... read this

One week countdown to our team 10k

Substandards final pic

In just over a week's time I'll be joining 22 of my work colleagues to run the Great Birmingham 10k. We're running as a team called the Substandards - as most of us are sub editors, all are journalists - and many of us could maybe have been classed as a little bit substandard at the start. Now? We are all running regularly, trying to spur each ... read this

New season jeans, and being a denim addict with Gap

Gap denim collection

Gap is one of my favourite shops to stock up on basics; I've managed to get quite a collection of their t-shirts, light cotton knits and a fair few pairs of their pyjamas. When it comes to their jeans though, it's been years since I've had a pair from Gap which I've really loved. When they started making the supersoft skinnies I was a massive ... read this

Siblings in April

Sam and Flo in April

We've spent a lot of time together this month so far, what with the Easter weekend, the two-week school holidays and our trip away to North Yorkshire. You can really tell from these photos that Sam and Florence adore one another, and their sibling bond is really close and growing more so as they get older. They also do plenty of winding each ... read this