Bluebells, blooms and being late

Me and Mine May 18

Let’s just ignore the fact my last post was a month ago and was also an apology for why I hadn’t written in so long, shall we? I’ve started a few posts in that time but never got round to finishing them. I want to keep going but my motivation seems to have left the room and with it are the things I want to record but are passing me by. I’ve missed a few of my monthly family portraits…

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  • Think Less Do More

    Since I’ve Been Gone – An Apology

    In my five or so years of blogging I have never had such a long break as I’ve just had. I haven’t posted for a month, I have neglected this space and I’m sorry. I’m not just apologising to you, I’m apologising to myself too.…

  • Mother's Day cards
    Family, Loss

    Losing a parent and who’s teaching who?

    This grief business has no rulebook and I for one have no idea how any of us are going to feel from one day to the next. That’s not to say my children and I live some kind of unstable, vitriolic bubble which could explode…

  • Family, Holidays, Travel

    Ten things we did in Malaga

    We spent five days in Malaga over February half term and while there discovered it has so much to offer, perfect for a city break and fantastic for kids. Less than three hours on the plane from Leeds and we arrived in southern Spain to…

  • Me and Mine Jan 18
    Me and Mine

    Me and Mine – A Portrait for January 2018

    They say we see beauty in life’s imperfections and I think that’s why I love these photos of the three of us. To my critical eye the light could be better, the background tidier, but we couldn’t look more like us if we tried! The…

  • Roger and all of us July 2015

    Widowhood, My Chapter One

    For a while now I’ve been trying to write a book. My motivation is going, I’m questioning whether it’s something I can do and whether it would help me or hold me back. I chatted to my son about it last night and he just…

  • Chair and flowers
    Interiors, Life

    Why I kind of like January

    It’s not often I court controversy (well, not that often) but this next statement might upset a few of you. Let me tell you a secret – I kind of like January. Perhaps it’s my dislike of December that makes me love January all the…

  • Me and Mine living room kneeling
    Me and Mine

    Me and Mine – A Portrait for December 2017

    Another year over and a busy December full of ups and downs for me. It’s such a busy month for everyone and I struggle with the run-up to Christmas and all its nostalgia and ‘happy happy’ vibes. I used to love this time of year…

  • Christmas shelf
    Family, Loss

    Loss, love and lights on our third Christmas

    Three years in and you’d think I’d be practiced at this wouldn’t you? Although it’s only just shy of two and a half years since my husband died, this is the third Christmas without him and I still feel the loss just as much as…

  • Three cocktails Rainbeaubelle

    Winter Cocktails To Try This Christmas

    Christmas party season is here which I reckon means cocktail hour can be any hour you like – for the next few weeks, anyway. I mean I love a glass of Sauvignon or a gin and tonic, but it’s nice to have a change and…

  • Julia and Sabine personal training Ilkley

    My personal training diary part one

    This is going to sound really showbiz, but a month ago I started personal training sessions and I think I’m ready to let you know how I’m getting on. I’ve been a casual runner for about 10 years, going out 2-3 times a week when…

  • Living room different angle

    Living room style | A little update

    I haven’t done many interiors posts lately, probably because I haven’t made many changes to my home after the initial moving in stage. Ok, so I realise it has been more than a year since I moved but these things take time, don’t they? This…

  • House of Koko at The Hepworth Cafe
    Food, Outings

    The Hepworth Cafe | Art and Avocados

    The Hepworth has been a destination for art lovers in Yorkshire since it opened in 2011, and now the cafe has had a makeover it’s hoping to put itself on the map for food as well as for sculpture. The Hepworth Cafe in Wakefield was…

  • Pumpkin cake and soup

    Pumpkins | the ultimate autumn comfort food

    Pumpkins are for carving, I know, but what if like me you just never got round to it? We bought three pretty big pumpkins a week before Halloween and although the kids made a great job of decorating theirs, mine stayed uncut and on the…