Family life

My Club Tropicana 40th party

Ben, Steven, Sally and Jules

Turning 40 was a milestone I wanted to mark and make sure it went with as much fun and laughter as possible. In this life the good times need to be cheered and I wanted to celebrate as much as I could with my family and friends. What better way to put a smile on everyone’s faces than to make them dress up in 80s clothes for a Club Tropicana-themed disco dancing extravaganza? I know my friends all love a…

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  • Browns inside piano side Leeds

    Eating Out at Brown’s | The Light, Leeds

    Being a working mum means one of the best times for socialising is early evening. That way, I can meet up with friends after work and still get home early enough to put my children to bed – it’s a win-win for a mid-week night…

  • Five under five closer up April 2017
    Five under 5

    Five under £5 for April 2017

    With April being the month of Easter, it was a bit of a struggle this month to find five things to feature that weren’t all chocolate! What have I bought for under £5 this month, hmm, chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, kinder eggs, mini eggs, the…

  • Balloons on the moor for Roger
    Family, Loss

    Birthday balloons for daddy

    It has become tradition now that on special dates we let balloons go up in the sky in memory of Roger. I can’t say it’s on days when we want to remember him because of course we remember him every single day. He’s with me…

  • Me and Mine in March 2017
    Family, Me and Mine

    Me and Mine – A Portrait for March 2017

    March was a big month for me because it was – wait for it – just in case you hadn’t heard – my birthday! I turned 40 just a few days ago and am in the middle of at least a week of festivities, including…

  • Forty card - Rainbeaubelle

    Why turning 40 maybe isn’t so bad

    I have a big birthday coming up. Forty is fast approaching to the point where the final week of my 30s has been a daily countdown to when I move on a decade. Tuesday: ‘One more week ’til my 40s!’ Wednesday: ‘I’m 40 next week,…

  • Daffodils - Rainbeaubelle

    Those dates again | Happy Anniversary to me!

    Milestone dates. Don’t you just love them? When they are reminders of things to celebrate they’re great, but when they’re hanging around reminding you of something you’ve lost, not so great. My husband Roger died in summer 2015 so I’m into the second year of…

  • Love sign from Cox & Cox - Rainbeaubelle

    Interiors style crush | Cox & Cox

    Since moving house I’ve stepped up my level of interiors obsession a notch and the one catalogue I love dropping through my letterbox is the Cox & Cox one. Their style is a perfect match for my own, it’s one of those stores where you…

  • Five under £5 March 2017 - Rainbeaubelle
    Five under 5

    Five under £5 for March 2017

    I am so late with this month’s Five under £5, I usually post on the 5th of each month but time is just flying so far in March. Apologies to all my regular fiver under fivers! I had to include daffodils in this month’s round-up,…

  • Dennis the Menace on Book Day - Rainbeaubelle

    Our outfits for World Book Day 2017

    My children have always loved dressing up, so World Book Day to them is a pretty exciting thing – being able to go to school looking like your favourite character is a cool thing to do when you’re seven and three. I know it’s not…

  • Me and Mine sitting in Hoylake Rainbeaubelle
    Family, Me and Mine

    Me and Mine – A Portrait for February 2017

    February feels like it has been a pretty slow and grey month, but it ended on a high with some down time for half term and a few days away visiting family and friends. We packed our bags and went on a little road trip…