Our house, changes and saying goodbye

Lounge close up

It might be a bit late to be writing this but a few days before we move house I seem to be getting sentimental about the old place. We moved into this 1920s semi in May 2010, just after Sam's first birthday and after an intense six weeks of building work and renovations. When we were looking to move house, I was the one eyeing up the finished ... read this

Scattering ashes at our special place near home

Red Rocks

Today marks a year since I lost my husband. A year without the person I thought I couldn't live without. A year which seems to have passed quickly for others, but very slowly for me. It's a date I don't really want to mark but at the same time it's a date that has crossed my mind every single one of the 364 days that have just passed. I wondered ... read this

Florence turns three

Florence party dress

Three years ago my little girl came into the world and brought so much love and joy to our family. She was a ray of sunshine in a very dark time, born two months after her daddy had been taken into hospital and we were told we might lose him. Of course we didn't know then that on her third birthday her daddy would no longer be here - and thank ... read this

Holiday shopping for kids at Debenhams

Sam and Flo modelling their new holiday buys

My children are pretty easy to shop for, but both have very different views on what they will wear. Sam, my seven-year-old, will pretty much wear whatever I want him to - as long as I lay it all out on his bed for him so he doesn't have to find it himself. In the past year he's started to like wearing shirts, which is cute as he always asks to wear ... read this

Five under £5 for July

Five under £5 for July

I've been putting together these five under £5 posts for a while now and never have I been so late or disorganised as I have this month. I think most of my posts start with a line about the chaos of life at the moment so I'll keep that to a minimum, but I will say that I only really had two of my five things by 5pm today. Oops! I haven't been ... read this

When the days were sunny and the BBQs were fired up

Sam Flo bbq

Looking at the weather outside you might be forgiven for thinking barbecue season has passed us by. We've had a typical few weeks of British summer where the summer dresses have been accessorised with jumpers, leggings, waterproofs and some days even socks and boots! It does feel like summer has gone but I'm being optimistic and hoping for many bbq ... read this

Me and Mine June 2016

Me and Mine June

The end of June and that means there are only a few weeks left of the school term, and only a few weeks (hopefully) until we move house. Sam just told me there were 16 days left until the holidays and I have to say it brought on a mild sense of panic. This summer is going to a busy one but as well as having to sort out lots of practical stuff, the ... read this

Life lately

Roses in my garden

Dear readers, I feel I owe you an apology. My blogging game is poor and I feel I am neglecting you! Actually, I think it's more like I am neglecting me, as life is just so busy at the moment there just hasn't been the time to sit and take the odd hour to myself to write my blog, or do much else for that matter. Life is feeling intense at ... read this

A Year of Family Portraits

Portrait - May

Our first Me and Mine photo - May 2015 Last May, on the first weekend when Roger was well enough to come home from the hospice, we had some family photographs taken by a friend. I wanted to make sure we had some pictures of the four of us that we could look back on, and see there were moments of happiness when life was so tough, remember what we ... read this

A Roald Dahl kind of day at Tatton

Fantastic Mr Fox tail at Tatton Park

'And above all watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.' The Minions, Roald Dahl. Tatton Park may not be the most unlikely of places as it's a beautiful place for a day out, but there's definitely ... read this

Father’s Day without a dad

Father's Day gnome

As it's coming up to a year since Roger passed away there have already been many milestones without him. First holiday, first Christmas, first birthdays, first wedding anniversary - but something tells me this one is going to be a bit more tricky. Father's Day is coming up on Sunday and who knows what the right thing to do is if you don't have a ... read this

New season jewellery from Black and Sigi

Black and Sigi Spring Rose necklace http://rainbeaubelle.com

Black and Sigi jewellery is a firm favourite accessory of mine. If you look at practically any photo taken of me in the past few months I'm nearly always wearing my current favourite piece of theirs, the gold Mini Aphrodite. It's a small wire-wrapped circle on a chain, just the right size for everyday and it goes with absolutely everything in my ... read this

Packing away my husband’s things (or trying to)

Piles of books belonging to my husband

It's been a few weeks since I wrote about my plans to move house and try to find somewhere to live nearer my family in my hometown. Well since then, quite a lot has happened as just when I was starting to wonder if I'd ever see a house I liked in my price range, the perfect one came along and on the same day I accepted an offer on my own. And ... read this

Geronimo Festival at Tatton Park

Geronimo sign

On the last weekend in May we went to Geronimo Festival at Tatton Park - a family festival set in the grounds of the historic estate in Knutsford, Cheshire. We had the weather, we had friends, we had so much to do we could have gone round the festival two days in a row and still not done everything we wanted to. It was an amazing day and one I ... read this

Five under £5 for June

Five under £5 for June 2016

There's a definite sunny day theme going on in this month's five under £5 post, which is pretty fitting as it's supposed to be an absolute scorcher today. We are on standby with the barbecue here, the paddling pool is all good to go so hopefully the English weather won't let us down. Even if it does, there's no harm in pretending we're on ... read this