A Welly Walk at Bolton Abbey with Joules

Strid Woods at Bolton Abbey

Living in Yorkshire we’re spoilt for choice with places to go for walks, and the ones around Bolton Abbey are among my favourite. We headed there this weekend with our lovely neighbours and some of their friends, a gang of six little ones between us ready to tackle the Pumpkin Trail by the river. The sun was out and the autumn leaves looked fantastic in the sunshine. There’s nothing quite like getting up and out with the kids on a…

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  • John Lewis Leeds

    A first look at Victoria Gate, Leeds

    Just when I was learning where all my favourite shops were in Leeds, a brand new and super amazing shopping centre opens in the city centre. I’m not complaining – the shops are fab and some of my favourite brands are in there. Step forward…

  • Slingsby London Dry gin and tonic

    Tasting Slingsby gin and the Spirit of Harrogate

    Gin is most definitely having a moment. With every pub worth its salt now offering a gin menu, it’s a long time since the choice of your G&T was limited to Gordon’s or for the more adventurous, Bombay Sapphire. Now I like both of those,…

  • Living room updated with cushions

    Living room styling with Laura Ashley

    It’s now been almost three months since we moved into this house, and things are just beginning to take shape a little as I decide on how I want things to look. I can hardly believe it’s been that long as it has absolutely flown…

  • Flowers for autumn
    Family life, Loss

    Loss as time goes on (or the tough days)

    As time goes on I seem to be writing less about the sad parts of our lives and more about the practical, day-to-day stuff and the nice things. I mean it makes sense, doesn’t it? Who really wants to keep reading about the days when…

  • Living room Greenbank Barns
    Holidays, Travel

    A girls’ night away at Greenbank Barns, North Yorkshire

    Beautiful countryside, a luxury barn conversion, a hot tub and friends – that’s how I spent a night away in a picturesque part of North Yorkshire last weekend. I stayed at a place called Greenbank Barns, nestled in a village called Ravensworth halfway between Richmond…

  • Five under £5 for October
    Five under 5

    Five under £5 for October

    I did think my October round-up would be full of Halloween treats, but to be honest it still feels a bit early for my house to be taken over by all things orange, black and spooky. The weather has been so mixed that some days…

  • 16_9_letters2
    Interiors, Makes

    Making easy decoupage letters

    Craft is a bit of a way of life for my son. He is always cutting, sticking and creating, making up games, writing little books, drawing huge pictures and generally just being a bit of an creative, slightly eccentric little machine! That’s why these easy…

  • Me and Mine in September 2016
    Me and Mine

    Me and Mine – a portrait for September 2016

    I won’t be the only one saying this, but how on earth did it get to the end of September already? I still feel like the summer holidays have only just ended and school has just begun, when in reality it’s been nearly a month…

  • Kitchen of Brighton house
    Interiors, Travel

    A Brighton weekend in a house full of style

    I went on my first trip to Brighton at the weekend for the wedding of one of my dear friends Shannon. We have been friends since university, when seven of us shared a large, dilapidated house in Salford. That was an *ahem* experience which bonded…

  • Flo with pink flowers at Newby Halll
    Family, Outings

    Good days, outings and autumn sunshine

    Lately I’ve been feeling a bit like I’m on a rollercoaster. Or rather, that I’m still on the rollercoaster I got on a few years ago and this is just another ride of twists and turns in this crazy life. We’re nearly halfway through September…

  • Joseph Joseph Totem 48 from above

    Recycling stylishly with the Joseph Joseph Totem 48

    Your kitchen bin may not be the most glamorous of accessories, but it is an essential and having somewhere to put all your recycling is a must if you want to keep your house free of empty bottles, papers and anything else that could be…

  • Sunflowers for September
    Five under 5

    Five under £5 for September

    September is here and it’s fair to say my five things under a fiver this month just had to include these gorgeous sunflowers. It may be coming into autumn but today has been so warm, and I thought I’d bring a bit of that sunshine…

  • Hesketh farm in Bolton Abbey
    Family, Loss

    September, seasons and sadness

    A very good thing about writing a blog is that – like a diary – you can go back and see how life was for you at any point in the past. I have been struggling to write much lately as I’ve been feeling pretty…

  • Me and Mine August
    Me and Mine

    Me and Mine – A Portrait for August 2016

    August has been a month of change, of holidays and of new adventures. It was the end of July when we moved back across the Pennines to Yorkshire and more than a month on I am really starting to believe now that we have moved…