Our rainbow portrait by Jenny Dunlop


  I shared with you last week the beautiful papercut made for me by my friend Caro. Well I think I'm going to have to clear some space on the walls, because I seem to have developed a thing for buying new pictures. Not only that, but I've been given another gorgeous one too, a portrait of our family by local artist Jenny Dunlop. It's ... read this

From hospital to hospice


 Tomorrow I get to stay overnight with my husband. It won't be the night away we'd hoped for, in a rural B&B or chi-chi city centre hotel, but it will be just the two of us, hanging out together in the same room, sleeping side by side, and trying to find a bit of space and peace together in this crazy situation. A week ago, Roger ... read this

Papercuts and smiles


 This beautiful papercut saved me this week, and gave me a bit of strength when it was needed most. It was sent by one of my dear blog friends, Caro who writes The Twinkle Diaries. Please do check it out if you've never read it before as I think you'll like what she does. This lady knows a lot about colour and style (and today, I've just ... read this

The worst week of my life


  If you know me or have been reading my blog, you will know we've had some very bad news recently. After weeks of investigations for symptoms doctors presumed were caused by my husband Roger's previous health problems, he was diagnosed with bowel cancer and it appeared to have spread to his lungs. We were holding out for hope of ... read this

Party time with Feather Grey


  It was my birthday on Saturday and although things are not quite as joyful as I'd like this year with my husband being so poorly, I wanted to try to keep things as normal as possible for the children and do something to try and cheer myself up at the same time. I went out for a bit of pampering at Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar ... read this

What writing a blog has taught me


  This week marks a year since I started writing this blog. I actually signed up for my first free blog account in 2012, but only wrote two posts before I lost interest, bottled it and shelved it for a few years.It was in March 2014 that I decided Rainbeaubelle needed to be resurrected and I set about deleting all my old posts, ... read this

Cancer, kindness and cake


 This post could also have been called Eat, Pray, Love as that's what it's all about. I've had without doubt the worst week of my life. We've been trying to come to terms with the news that my husband has been diagnosed with bowel cancer, and the very strong possibility that it has spread to his lungs. After months of waiting in hospital for ... read this

Finally, a diagnosis…


On Wednesday we were told my husband has cancer. The next day was our wedding anniversary. The day after that, we were told the cancer had spread. How do you take something like that in? The news was broken by the same doctor who told me Roger had a 50% chance of survival nearly two years ago, when he went from being a seemingly fit and ... read this

Ella’s epilepsy helped by high-fat diet


For most parents, getting their children to eat healthily is a daily challenge, what with persuading fussy eaters to finish their five-a-day and steering them away from too many calorie-laden snacks and treats. For my friend Zara, getting as much fat into her daughter's diet is crucial, and if she sees a way of sneaking extra butter or cream into ... read this

Quinola and Rebel Kitchen giveaway


Finding tasty, convenient food for little ones isn't always easy, especially if you're hard-pressed to make something from scratch, so when I was asked if I wanted to try out these new organic kids meals and drinks from Quinola I jumped at the chance. I love quinoa, although admittedly don't really know how to cook with it and usually end up ... read this

Looking up and down


I've written before about how my little girl loves to be close to me all the time, clinging to my leg being one of her favourite things (especially when I've got other stuff to do). I know I'll miss it one day, so love taking photos of her from up high. Here are a few from this week. X Julia ... read this

March, you suck!


I'm having a wobble this week. I've been trying to keep a brave face on things but it's just not staying put. Sadly my husband is still in hospital and things just aren't getting any better. If anything, they're getting worse. It's now March, two months since he was taken back into intensive care and his doctors still don't know why he ended up in ... read this

Benefit Posie Balm – crushed by a toddler


This was my beautiful new lipstick, bought this week as a pick-me-up and a quick fix for a bit of springtime glam. I loved it. I loved it so much I wrote about it. Then my toddler destroyed it. First it was the Vaseline, brought to me in the form of an empty tin and two greasy little hands. Oh no, I laughed, not again! (this was the second Vaseline ... read this

Puss in Boots – World Book Day


The day my son has been waiting for for weeks has arrived, it's World Book Day and I've sent him off to school dressed as Puss in Boots. I know the whole dressing up thing has divided opinion among parents, but for my son dressing up is such a big part of his life that a day where the entire school turns up in fancy dress is a massive deal. He's ... read this

Ladybird books – reminiscing for World Book Day


We've always loved sharing books with the children at bedtime, but as well as finding new stories and authors to read together we also like looking at some of the stories we enjoyed ourselves as kids. Some of our favourites are the original Ladybird books - the small, hardback books which had their heyday in the 1950s through to the 1970s and 80s. ... read this