Me and Mine – A portrait for July

Flo's birthday

Although it makes me so sad to know that these are the last photos of all of us together, I am also glad that we do have them and that we managed to make some really happy memories just days before Roger died. Florence turned two on the Saturday, and we had a relatively quiet day with my parents, Roger's mum, sister and brother and my ... read this

A Memory Tree

Memory tree

Before I start to write I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sent their love to me and my family this week. I've been inundated with messages, comments, cards, emails - the lot, and it just goes to show what a kind and wonderful man my husband was and how many lives he touched. There is so much I could write about what's ... read this

Sad news

Rog and Sam

It is with such great sadness that I'm writing this post today. I'll keep it brief because I don't really feel like I have the words to describe what a tremendous loss I am feeling. Roger became much more poorly this week and on Thursday was readmitted to Wirral St John's Hospice, where he had been cared for so brilliantly. On Friday evening, ... read this

Summer beauty favourites

Beauty favourites

Sometimes the products you use on your skin just don't seem to work as well as they usually do and it's time for a change. I find if I use the same creams on my face for a while I don't feel as much of the benefit as I did when I first used them, so I like to swap things around every now and again. The current stresses in my life are taking ... read this

Jazz rabbits, John Coltrane and business as usual


Ever wondered what happened to the characters from the Fast Show's Jazz Club sketch? Nor me to be honest, but they made something of a reappearance over dinner when my husband Roger started doodling on a rabbit mask that was lying around on the table. These things do lie around on the table in our house as Sam is always making things and the ... read this

Now you are two


I thought I'd tell you a bit about my little wonder woman, who turns a great big two today. Florence was born on a hot day in July 2013, at the same hospital her dad was staying in after he'd fallen ill two months before. You could say she already knew a bit about stress, as I was seven months pregnant when Roger suffered a portal vein ... read this

Win name labels from Petit Fernand

Petit Fernand name label

It's nearly the end of the school year and time to start thinking about buying new uniforms and shoes for the return to class in September. I always try to order my son's school stuff early on in the holidays, to avoid the inevitable back to school panic on August bank holiday weekend. If your children are anything like mine, you'll know how ... read this

Summer lunches, tabbouleh and coconut water


We have some mint growing in our garden and by this time of year it really starts taking over. It grows so fast it's nice to be able to use some of it in our cooking and this tabbouleh is the perfect summer recipe to do so. My husband has come home from the hospice this week and with the children either at school or at the childminder's we've ... read this

Happy smiles and holidays

Roger in France

Recently I've shared a few family photographs which were taken while my husband Roger was at home on breaks from the hospice. They are pretty much the only pictures we have of all four of us together, and nice as it is to have them we do both love looking back on old photos from our holidays when he was fit, well, and more importantly, ... read this

Me and Mine – A Portrait for June


Last month I joined in for the first time with the Me and Mine project, where you share a family portrait at the end of each month. We had some beautiful photographs taken by our friend and photographer Colin McPherson, and I felt I wanted to share them on my blog. This month, our photograph is very different! It was taken in the back garden ... read this

The best and worst times

Courage, dear heart quote

Monday morning has rolled around again and I have the sense of impending doom that comes with my regular reality check - today's the day I have to take my husband back to the hospice. He's been at home for 12 days now, the longest he has been out of either hospital or the hospice since January, and it's been such a nice break being together and as ... read this

Girl’s room update in white, pink and mint

Green storage kids room

Decorating the bedroom for our second child was a bit of a rush job to say the least - we had moved Sam into the spare room but hadn't finished repainting his old one when my husband fell ill and home decor was the last thing on our minds. I was seven months pregnant with Florence then, but not having found out whether she was a boy or a girl I was ... read this

Alphabet Cards from The Appealing Rabbit

Alphabet cards

Trying to help children learn is always so much easier when there is an element of play involved - and when you add in drawing and a bit of competition, it's easier still. These cards from The Appealing Rabbit were designed by a Norwegian father who wanted to help his kids form their letters correctly. The beautifully stylish ... read this

Sunday Stars 21 June 2015

Peonies rainbeaubelle

It's been a while I know, but I'm taking over the reins for the Sunday Stars blog linky this week along with Katie from Mami 2 Five. She and most of the Sunday Stars team spent the weekend in London at blogging conference Britmums Live, so I can't wait to hear all about it from them when they get back. I've been keeping up with the goings on over ... read this

Where Do We Go When We Disappear?

Where do we go book

I love buying and reading new books to the kids, but I have a few tucked away in my wardrobe which I read once and couldn't bear to open again. These look like nice little stories about woodland animals going about their day to day lives, but they are dealing with much darker and more difficult themes. These books are written about death and dying, ... read this