My week in pictures #6


Top row - One of my favourite photos of my first born, who came with us on honeymoon to Barcelona in 2011. Here he is posing outside the Joan Miro Foundation. Those curls!; My disorganised 'shelfie'; A shot from my photography practice last week, capturing yarn-bombing in Wirral. Middle row - A life ring on the promenade, taken post school run; ... read this

The clingy baby – eating on my knee


Every mealtime I've shared with my little girl over the past few weeks, I've sat on my chair as normal - as she has managed to charm her way out of her highchair and right onto my knee. At 18 months, she's going through a ridiculously clingy stage where if she can see me, she wants to be with me. And when I say with I mean clinging on, ... read this

Why I love Barcelona


Before we became parents, we spent a good few years going on holidays two, maybe three times a year, booking one break as soon as we returned from the last. We spent long weekends in Venice, Seville, Budapest and Berlin, taking time to mooch around Paris, London and Florence. By the time we got married in 2011, we already had an almost two-year-old ... read this

Yarn-bombing and photography


I've been driving the same route to the hospital for a few weeks now while my husband is poorly, and on my way I'm always cheered up by these trees which have been dressed in beautiful, brightly-coloured knitwear. There's a yarn-bombing revolution going on in the village of Greasby, and the team effort must have brought a smile to more people's ... read this

Chocolate puddings on prescription


It's almost a week since my last post and I'm sure many of you are wondering what's gone on since then. It feels like a lifetime ago now, but my husband had just been taken off life support in intensive care and was asking me when he was going to be allowed home. Well sadly he's still not home, we still don't have any answers and he still has no ... read this

Waking up


After four days of being in a medically-induced coma, today my husband woke up, squeezed my hand, looked at me...and asked me when he was going to be allowed home. This was at 10am - and by 5pm he was sitting up in bed, drinking tea and eating toast. It's far from idyllic - the tea was through a straw and the bed he was sitting in wasn't his own ... read this

Intensive care


Our world has been turned upside down again. On Saturday night, I took my husband into A&E because I was worried he'd become a bit confused and was saying some pretty random stuff. He'd been feeling poorly for about a week but nothing as out of the ordinary as this. In the few hours that we waited to see a doctor, he deteriorated so much that he ... read this

Thank You cards from Minted


Getting your children to write thank you cards isn't usually the easiest task, but I can't help thinking it might be a little easier armed with the right kind of stationery. My son is approaching six now and I'm hoping this year the letter writing will be ever so slightly easier. In the last couple of years post Christmas and birthday, writing ... read this

Bibs from Funky Giraffe


Finding a bib that my 18-month-old is happy to wear is no mean feat. She's certainly starting to assert herself and making sure she is covered up at mealtimes - and actually sitting down in a chair, any chair, not just the highchair, while she eats - has become a bit of a battle. When we started weaning I used the large cover-all apron style bibs ... read this

Our cool caravan – an update


Many of you will know already that at the end of last summer we decided to buy a caravan. It's a tourer, second hand and in good condition but in need of a bit of love and a makeover before we start road (or campsite) testing it hopefully about Easter time. Apart from a few days away in a friends' static caravan last year. We are total novices ... read this

Sunday Stars #10

It's the first Sunday Stars blog post link up of 2015, and it's my turn to host along with Katie from Mami 2 Five. I hope you've all had a good Christmas and New Year, and are getting ready to make your houses feel much bigger by taking down all the decorations! Call me a Scrooge but I love getting the house back to normal (or its normal chaos) ... read this

Party dressing


I always knew if I had a girl it'd be dangerous. There's a four-year age gap between my children, so I had spent a fair amount of time looking at clothes for girls without actually having one of my own to buy for before baby gal came along last year. Don't get me wrong, there are so many cool clothes for little boys out there, it's just that ... read this

Looking forward to 2015


I started writing a post about my highs and lows of 2014, but frankly, I've had a few sloe gins and it was all getting a bit maudlin. So instead, here's a list of things I'm looking forward to in 2015. I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has read my blog this year. It really does mean so much to me. Happy New Year everyone! x ... read this

Rainbow Dash and Retro Toys


I was born in the 70s and a little girl in the 80s, so all my favourite toys were things like Sindy dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids, Huggy Bear (that link by the way is to the V&A, meaning Huggy is now a museum piece, eek) and My Little Ponies. My little girl found a mini My Little Pony in her stocking this Christmas morning - and when we went over to ... read this

My Sunday Photo #7 – Christmas jumper


This is one of my favourite photos of the week, first born in his new Christmas owl jumper, and baby gal in snowman tights. With my son at school he doesn't need too many clothes as he's in his uniform most of the time, but I bought him a few new tops from Monsoon and this is our favourite. Plus, his sister can say 'owl' and 'twit twoo'. Cute! X ... read this