Changing seasons and Sunday Stars

Autumn flowers

As we move into autumn there are obvious changes happening, like the leaves turning red and falling from the trees, the weather getting a little bit crisper (though staying lovely and sunny this week), and the nights getting darker. I usually quite like this change, but this year it just feels like another step away from the summer and the time ... read this

Me and Mine – a portrait for September

Me and Mine - family portrait for September

We went over to Formby Point last Saturday. It was a bright, sunny autumn day, we had no plans and I just felt like we all needed to get outdoors and make the most of it. Formby, on the coast just north of Liverpool, was always a favourite place of Roger's, mainly because of the beautiful woods - which are a red squirrel reserve - and the ... read this

Sylvanian Families giveaway

Florence and Sylvanian Families

If Sylvanian Families had been around when I was young, I can tell you I would have had an obsession with them I'm sure. I used to love little toys and especially things you could collect, and thing about these guys is that they look so cute and pretty classy compared with a lot of the plastic figures you can buy. I have spent so long looking over ... read this

Talking about daddy, parties and the past

Talking about their daddy

It's funny how kids seem to be able to sense your mood and react to it. I've had a lot of thoughts about daddy from my youngest this week, he is obviously at the forefront of her mind and she has been talking a lot about her birthday (just six days before he died) and how her dad featured in it. This seems to have coincided with an almighty low ... read this

Toy storage for your living room

Toy storage ideas featuring this unit from Habitat

Trying to find neat ways of storing toys is always something I like to read about, as it seems once you become a parent there is no end to the amount of little things which appear in your home and need a place to live. When they're small, you can get away with a little basket of toys, but as they grow the size of the toys grows too, until they get ... read this

The Mad Blog Awards, drinks and dedications

Mad Blog Award

When I was found out I was nominated in this year's MAD Blog Awards, my husband Roger was so pleased and proud of me, but let's not forget he was a) a Scouser, b) a journalist and c) had a very dry sense of humour, so his reaction went a little bit like this. 'Look Jules, you know this means I'll have to kark it before the awards ceremony, ... read this

Black and Sigi jewellery – my new fave find

Jewellery by Black and Sigi

I've always loved jewellery, particularly statement pieces that you can wear with a simple outfit to really make it feel special. When I first noticed the brand Black and Sigi, it was a bangle adorning the wrist of super fashion blogger Kat Got the Cream and I fell in love with it right there and then. The bangle Kat was wearing was the Juno ... read this

Five under £5 for September

Five under £5

This is a concept I've borrowed from beauty blogs, as I love reading those 'five under £5' posts to get ideas and inspiration for new, affordable finds. Well this is my latest collection of tiny treats, there are things for me and things for the kids in there, I've tried to make it a balance of all three of us. So here goes... Initial coin ... read this

Miffy turns 60

Miffy books and plush

When I was little, I remember so clearly leafing through the Miffy books at our local library and being so drawn to their bright colours and cute designs. I even remember taking them home and tracing over the pictures myself with thin paper and a pencil, so I could have my own Miffy drawings to keep. Fast forward 30 years, and you can still ... read this

Survival, syrup and school


We're just over a third of the way through September but already my mood seems to have lifted slightly from 'I can't cope with the world' to more like 'I can cope with today'. As I wrote last week, I've been feeling so tired lately that I lost a bit of perspective towards the end of the summer holidays. Now we seem to be getting back into a ... read this

Ikea hack – kids’ table makeover

An Ikea Sulva (like a Latt) table painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

There are certain pieces of Ikea furniture that you see in so many parents' houses, and the mini table and chairs set is one of those. We bought our unfinished wood version when Sam was one, so it's had more than five years' use and is looking pretty tired. When we bought it, it was with the view that it was an arts and crafts table which was ... read this

On the Laziness of Grief

Flowers in a spotty vase

"And no one ever told me about the laziness of grief." - C.S. Lewis Grief has hit me in many ways, but the one I was least prepared for is the tiredness which floored me these past few weeks. For months I've been pushing through the stresses of daily life, carrying my family and caring for everyone else but myself. I'm not resentful of that, far ... read this

Summertime Surprise Project

Travel quote by Dragonfly - Summertime Surprise Project

In July I signed up for the Summertime Surprise Project which is organised by the super stylish photographer and blogger, Capture By Lucy. The aim of the project is to spread a bit of seasonal cheer and send a stranger something lovely, for a relatively small cost. You sign up at the start of the season (you don't have to be a blogger if you ... read this

Me and Mine – A Portrait for August


It's the end of another month and time for our Me and Mine family portrait. I still can't actually believe there are only three of us in our family photo now, what has happened in the past few months doesn't even seem real some days. I can't actually believe I'm writing that Roger is no longer with us but sadly it's true. August has been a ... read this

Yes Mum – a High-Five for Mamas

Yes Mum cards and a high five to mamas

I feel like a terrible mother. I know as I type this you will read it and say no you're not, you're doing great. You are ace, don't worry, keep it up lady! You will say what part of me is telling myself too - that it's ok not to be perfect, to have bad days, to lose your temper and to cry in front of the kids - but it's bothering me and I can't ... read this