Ladybird books – reminiscing for World Book Day


We've always loved sharing books with the children at bedtime, but as well as finding new stories and authors to read together we also like looking at some of the stories we enjoyed ourselves as kids. Some of our favourites are the original Ladybird books - the small, hardback books which had their heyday in the 1950s through to the 1970s and 80s. ... read this

Blog party


I've been blogging for nearly a year now, and in that time I have learnt so much and made some really good friends along the way. When I started out, I thought writing a blog was a fairly straightforward - you basically wrote a post, made it looked pretty and just hoped someone out there would read it. I didn't know about the other side of it, the ... read this

Sunday Stars


It's my turn to host the Sunday Stars blog linky this week, along with Katie from Mami 2 Five who I actually met in person last weekend. Until now, we've just chatted online but I had the pleasure of getting together with her and a group of other blog friends for a soirée at Karen from Mini Travellers' house. It was so lovely, I have yet to blog ... read this

World Book Day – The Cat in the Hat


My son takes his dressing up very seriously, and for him, getting into character for World Book Day is more than just putting on a costume - it's weeks of talking about it, planning it and making it. Last year, he went to school dressed as the Cat in the Hat, an ensemble which was pretty easy to make, with a pair of black trousers and a top, a bit ... read this

Walking home – My Captured Moment


There's nothing quite like the giggles from a toddler reunited with her brother at the end of the school day. Baby gal loves seeing her big bro, and loves walking down the road holding his hand even more. She loves the freedom of being let loose from her buggy - but note the iron grip of my hand on hers, as she hasn't quite grasped that she can't ... read this

Baking with Kids – Thumbprint Jam Cookies


Baking with little ones is never quite as easy as you think it's going to be. The image you have of parent and child, having fun choosing what to make, weighing out the ingredients and lovingly crafting the mixture into biscuits or buns never really goes to plan in my house. The reality is more a scene of flour and sugar on every work surface, half ... read this

My week in pictures #8


Top row - Me on the sofa with our cat Molly after a brilliant night with some of my blogging buddies, hosted by Karen From Mini Travellers; New York cheesecake at our 'do'; Monster leggings I bought for a friend's baby from Fred and Noah. Middle row - Baby gal sneaking a giant cookie; Getting ready to go for a walk; Playing 'Plop Trumps' with my ... read this



Maybe it's because our house always feels a little on the cold side, but I seem to have had a bit of a spree on buying blankets lately. I bought the children one each for Christmas, and picked another one up for myself in the Boxing Day sales. The little ones - and the cat - love to snuggle in their blankets on the sofa, and I like the way mine ... read this

Back in isolation…


The last post I wrote about hospitals was the one where I told you my husband was home and starting to recuperate after his recent spell in intensive care. A fair bit has happened since then, but I've lacked the energy or inclination to write about it as the whole situation has left us both feeling pretty helpless, desperate and flat. Rog was ... read this

That difficult second album


Where I have two or three albums full of my son's baby photos, all lovingly compiled and correctly captioned, my daughter is lucky to even have a photo printed out and stuck to the fridge door. It isn't that I don't have any - I take hundreds - it's just that I've never managed to find the time to make them into a keepsake like I did with her ... read this

Sock puppet socks from ChattyFeet


My socks are usually a pretty plain black or grey, and compared with my son's brightly coloured ones or my daughter's patterned tights, they look pretty boring to say the least. Well today I ditched the mundane and dressed my feet up in a pair of purple socks with a picture of a rather bold looking lady on - also known as 'La Diva'. These socks, ... read this

My week in pictures #7


Top row - My new shoes, inspired by my latest style post. From Miss KG; my locket from new favourite jewellery brand Oh My Clumsy Heart; selfie with my eldest. Middle row - Chocolates, believe it or not; my beautiful Valentine flowers, delivered a few days early to make sure I was in to receive them; I ordered a cupboard, but didn't realise it ... read this

Chinese New Year decorations


My son's homework this week was to make a decoration for Chinese New Year and as making stuff is his thing, this is one of about five things he created. Pretty easy to do, and loads of fun. All you need are paper plates, an egg box, stapler, paints and paper to add streamers to its back. We also added feathers on top of the eyes for more of a ... read this

Parenting pressures


Being a parent is hard at the best of times, but when you're feeling stressed out and having to deal with other stuff it becomes an extremely hard task. When you yourself feel you need a hug and a bit of an easy time, just wanting to get through the normal daily stuff without too much of a fight, that's when kids really tend to kick up a fuss. ... read this

Slim trousers for spring


When you want a change from jeans and leggings just aren't smart enough, this season's slim cigarette trousers are a great option. With a 50s feel and flattering cut, I think they'd work equally well for the office or casual wear. I've been having a look for a pair and here are the ones that made the shortlist - and some ideas to team them with ... read this