Win two ‘Love’ mugs from Keith Brymer Jones


Two of my major vices - drinking tea and buying mugs. As vices go, they're pretty tame I know, but it's still getting slightly out of control - so much so that I've started to squirrel some of the old, lesser-favoured cups away just so I can squeeze a few more new ones into our cupboard. My husband's in despair. But hey, it's harmless, not bad ... read this

My Sunday Photo #6 – The Pig Man


This is my favourite picture of the week drawn by my son, and trust me, he draws a lot! What on earth goes on in his head? A smiling, but marauding pig, so it seems. Remember kids, "Woch owt of the pig man!" Oink oink! Terrifying. ... read this

The Christmas Tag


It's nearly here, how many more sleeps it is I can't remember as I haven't had enough sleep this week to process that. Twelve? Oh ok then, 12. TWELVE!! Agghh! I'd better get on with answering my questions about Christmas, as nominated by Amy who blogs at Everything Mummy. What's your favourite Christmas movie? Well some of you will know I'm a ... read this

Salt dough decorations – part one


When your kids get up early, you need more than a few ideas to keep them entertained. If it's only 8am and you've already had breakfast, watched a bit of TV, played a game and split up a few sibling tussles ("Mine!" "No, Mine!" etc) then it's probably time to change tack. Thinking of things that will keep a five and a one year old busy isn't always ... read this

My week in pictures #5


Top row - Getting ready for the school nativity, and a make-it-in-five-minutes shepherd costume; the first Christmas dec out of the box; a halloween gingerbread house, that we forgot to make at halloween. Two words - nailed it! Middle row - Posting our letters to Father Christmas; Red Riding Hood taken in Ikea, when I escaped for a bit of solo ... read this

Bobble Hat Day for the NSPCC


This Christmas, our children are looking forward to a magical few weeks filled with parties, presents, family time and lots and lots of love. My son has clearly been learning about the real message of Christmas at school, because he keeps telling us it's not all about the presents, it's about love, sharing and being with those you care about the ... read this

Stress busting songs


So this morning hasn't gone terrifically to plan. It's my day off, so as usual I have designs on ticking off lots of things from my to do list. But if you're a parent to a small child and you have a day off work, it doesn't at all mean you're sat at home twiddling your thumbs with nothing to do. Normal things like putting a wash on, tidying the ... read this

Lush hair treats


When I think of Lush, I think of bath bombs, body creams and powerful scents. I've long been a fan of their products, my favourites being Flying Fox shower gel, Honey I Washed the Kids soap and Karma Cream, which my husband used to buy for me (before he was my husband!). These days, I'm more often in there to buy bath bombs for our five-year-old, ... read this

Sunday Stars #7

It's my turn to host the Sunday Stars Linky again, a place where bloggers can share their favourite posts each week. If you're not a blogger, why not have a read through and see if you can discover some new good reads? Sunday Stars was set up by myself and a group of fellow bloggers as we wanted to create a place where all our best posts from ... read this

Father Christmas, the festive inquisition

We might still be in November but my little boy has already seen Father Christmas and got his order in early for the big day. He waited patiently in the queue, anticipation building, and he may have even sneaked a peek inside Santa's grotto before it was his turn. He was softly spoken and polite when he went in, even sitting on his knee to talk ... read this

Shopping local at the Fab Frost Fair


When it comes to Christmas shopping, I find it's really handy if those I'm buying for give me a few hints as to what they want to find in their stocking. Having said that, sticking to the list is also a bit boring and can turn looking for the perfect gift for your family and friends into a bit of a tick list of things you feel you need to buy. It's ... read this

My week in pictures #4


So again, it's not strictly a week, but this is a snapshot of what we've been up to lately. Things are getting a little more sparkly and festive! What have you been up to this week? Are you on Instagram? If I don't follow you already, let me know your details and I'll give you a great big like. Top row - The cute lit-up reindeer at the Fabulous ... read this

First boots and Little Bird love


It was a bit of a milestone yesterday. I bought my little girl her very first pair of boots. Ankle boots in soft greyish-purple leather with a little bit of feisty sparkle round the top. In fact, seeing as she expressed her love for shoes and shopping so much (she cried and said "No!" when I tried to remove a pair of new red leather Mary Janes from ... read this

Things I didn’t do before I had children

Let me say first of all, this is by no means an exhaustive list and I am absolutely not an expert in motherhood. This post started a few weeks ago, after a quick poll round my office on the things we do now as parents that we would never have considered ok to do BK, or Before Kids. I could go on and on with this, but thought I'd put my first ... read this