A few weeks ago we started our project to watch a cup of baby caterpillars transform into butterflies. The last time I wrote, the little family had turned themselves into chrysalids and we were ready to move them into their net butterfly house.  The caterpillars (a birthday present for Sam) were delivered in a sealed plastic cup, containing ... read this

Sharing our story, love and support


   I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has read, commented on and shared my blog this week, mainly because our story has appeared in several newspapers and websites, primarily the Liverpool Echo. What started out as a bit of a hobby has turned into the starkest expression of real life I could ever have imagined. Being ... read this

Tired, stressed and planting seeds


  Where last weekend I was elated at having Roger at home for some quality family time, this weekend I am tired, teary and tightly wound. I'm sleep deprived and struggling to find any positivity in our situation. On Tuesday, I took my husband back to the hospice after our mini break at home. He was feeling good - his pain had eased, he could ... read this

Caterpillars and keeping things alive


We've got a cupful of caterpillars, a tiny tankful of sea monkeys, a beanstalk in a cup and an anthill waiting to be made. We're basically trying to keep everything in our house alive, no matter how small, with varying degrees of success.  Before you imagine a whole load of little brown furry creatures swinging from twigs in my kitchen, let ... read this

Home time


We've just spent our first weekend at home together as a family in months. As I wrote last week, my husband Roger has been a patient at our local hospice and we had wondered whether he would be well enough to come home at all. But as his condition improved a little, we were given the chance to spend some quality time together,  to try to ... read this

Florrie’s first haircut


    The time came this week for my little girl to have her very first haircut. Her wispy baby hair was beginning to curl out a bit at the bottom and although it was cute, as it grew longer it was starting to look a little wayward. I'm trying to grow out the front rather than cut in a fringe, so have been clipping it back but I'm finding ... read this

The family kitchen, the real election issue


 With just days to go before the General Election, I'm having to wade through the regular stash of political leaflets being pushed through my door. Amid the promises to improve the NHS, cut the deficit and help the environment, the burning question still remains - which party leader has the best kitchen?  First came the photos of Ed ... read this

A difficult week and a visit home

Rog and Sam

It's been three weeks now since my husband Roger moved to our local hospice, and two weeks since I had my first overnight stay there. I still haven't got round to writing about how that went so I'll tell you now - it was fab! So special to be able to spend some time together, just hanging out and chatting, having a drink (wine for me, tea for ... read this

I Carry You In My Heart


   These two new pictures seem to have made their way into my home. Sentimental I know, but the words are so touching and meaningful to me that I just had to buy them.  I've posted a few times lately about new artwork which has been given to me - the papercut from Caro at The Twinkle Diaries and family portrait from Karen at Mini ... read this

My week in pictures #9


I've had a busy week when it comes to everyday normal life, but a very slow one when it comes to blogging. I've felt so tired I've been in bed early and spending every waking moment either at the hospice or looking after the kids. So not very creative! But here's a look at how my week's been on Instagram - if you like you can follow me on there ... read this

Our rainbow portrait by Jenny Dunlop


  I shared with you last week the beautiful papercut made for me by my friend Caro. Well I think I'm going to have to clear some space on the walls, because I seem to have developed a thing for buying new pictures. Not only that, but I've been given another gorgeous one too, a portrait of our family by local artist Jenny Dunlop. It's ... read this

From hospital to hospice


 Tomorrow I get to stay overnight with my husband. It won't be the night away we'd hoped for, in a rural B&B or chi-chi city centre hotel, but it will be just the two of us, hanging out together in the same room, sleeping side by side, and trying to find a bit of space and peace together in this crazy situation. A week ago, Roger ... read this

Papercuts and smiles


 This beautiful papercut saved me this week, and gave me a bit of strength when it was needed most. It was sent by one of my dear blog friends, Caro who writes The Twinkle Diaries. Please do check it out if you've never read it before as I think you'll like what she does. This lady knows a lot about colour and style (and today, I've just ... read this

The worst week of my life


  If you know me or have been reading my blog, you will know we've had some very bad news recently. After weeks of investigations for symptoms doctors presumed were caused by my husband Roger's previous health problems, he was diagnosed with bowel cancer and it appeared to have spread to his lungs. We were holding out for hope of ... read this

Party time with Feather Grey


  It was my birthday on Saturday and although things are not quite as joyful as I'd like this year with my husband being so poorly, I wanted to try to keep things as normal as possible for the children and do something to try and cheer myself up at the same time. I went out for a bit of pampering at Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar ... read this