Being shortlisted for awards and a very big thank you

Thank you!

If you follow my blog on Facebook then you might, just might remember hearing me mention something about some blog awards being open for nominations. You might, just might have given me your vote - and if you did, then I just want to say thank you so much, as I've only gone and made the shortlist not only for the Bibs, but for the Mads too! If ... read this

Me and Mine April 2016

Me and Mine Sam's birthday

The photos for this month's family portrait were taken a few weeks ago on Sam's birthday, when the weather was much warmer and brighter than it is today. I'm pretty relieved actually that I was organised enough to get a few pictures of the three of us that day, to save the usual last minute panic for a Me and Mine shot that happens at the end of ... read this

Nine months and still going

Nine months flatly

It's nine months now since I lost my husband, Roger, to cancer. I can't say the pain of loss is getting any easier, but I do feel like I can cope with those desperate, dark feelings a little better - even if I can't predict when they will come. Despite the past few weeks being filled with special days for our family - like birthdays, ... read this

A Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Flowerpot close-up

Sometimes it's the smallest things that capture a child's imagination, and in this case, it's the smallest garden with the smallest fairy inside. We made this little flowerpot garden using a kit which we bought from a craft fair at Calderstones Park last weekend. Amongst other things, it came with a tiny ladder made from wire and twigs, a teeny ... read this

One week countdown to our team 10k

Substandards final pic

In just over a week's time I'll be joining 22 of my work colleagues to run the Great Birmingham 10k. We're running as a team called the Substandards - as most of us are sub editors, all are journalists - and many of us could maybe have been classed as a little bit substandard at the start. Now? We are all running regularly, trying to spur each ... read this

New season jeans, and being a denim addict with Gap

Gap denim collection

Gap is one of my favourite shops to stock up on basics; I've managed to get quite a collection of their t-shirts, light cotton knits and a fair few pairs of their pyjamas. When it comes to their jeans though, it's been years since I've had a pair from Gap which I've really loved. When they started making the supersoft skinnies I was a massive ... read this

Siblings in April

Sam and Flo in April

We've spent a lot of time together this month so far, what with the Easter weekend, the two-week school holidays and our trip away to North Yorkshire. You can really tell from these photos that Sam and Florence adore one another, and their sibling bond is really close and growing more so as they get older. They also do plenty of winding each ... read this

Pickering, Dalby Forest and our stay with Sykes Cottages

Pickering station

We spent a few days away last week at a beautiful little cottage in the village of Pickering, North Yorkshire. I had the week off work and wanted to take Sam and Florence away somewhere so we could have some fun and a few adventures away from the stresses of life at home. It was the first time we've been away just the three of us, as every other ... read this

Time on my own (a mum retreat)

Time at home, my mum retreat

I've just spent the past few days at home on my own - with no kids, no noise, no-one to look after, no-one to please but myself. When Roger died, I remember all I wanted to do was have some time to myself, a bit of space to be able to process things and just not have to talk. As it was the beginning of the school summer holidays that wasn't ... read this

Birthday balloons in the sky

Balloons for Daddy in April

It's becoming a tradition in our little family that on certain dates of the year we let balloons go into the sky for Roger. This week we did it for the third time to mark what would have been his birthday - it seemed a perfect time to send up some party balloons, just in case, you know, he could see them wherever he is now. I'm partly joking ... read this

Five under £5 for April

Soap and badges

I think I must have got carried away with the taste of sunshine we had last week, as this month's Five under £5 is all about ice cream, colour pops and spring. These heart-shaped sunnies look a bit redundant today though, typically I'm off work with my little ones this week and the forecast is rain, rain and more rain. I'm not too worried though, ... read this

Me and Mine – A Portrait for March 2016

Me and Mine March

These monthly family portrait posts usually come around so quickly, I'm nearly always writing about how I can't believe four weeks have passed already. This month seems to be different, and I'm not sure why as I don't seem to have done that much but it seems forever since I was writing about what we got up to in February. This month has been ... read this

A long Easter weekend, birthdays and Yorkshire walks

Sparkly Easter Egg

We spent the Easter weekend over at my parents' house in Yorkshire, managing to pack so much into the four-day break. I took Florence to a friend's daughter's birthday party on Saturday, which was a really lovely get together involving a few rounds of pin the tail on the donkey and a walk up to Ilkley Moor. What started off as a little stroll on a ... read this

We’re all just winging it

Crazy Town close up

Over a cup of tea with my friend the other day (we were at my kitchen table, while two out of the five kids we have between us were busy taking the clothes off every Sylvanian Family and Frozen doll in the lounge), we spoke about how disorganised life is these days. It started as I was telling her how much I seem to be getting wrong these days, ... read this

Win a family ticket to Geronimo festival

Zip wire at Geronimo

We have been chosen as ambassadors to the family festival Geronimo this year - held at Tatton Park in Cheshire and new for 2016, Harewood House in Yorkshire in May - and we have a family ticket to give away. The festival has something to please kids of any age such as the live shows from Justin Fletcher and Mr Bloom, the circus area, craft ... read this