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I’ve discovered the way to create more space in your home. Move a load of stuff in, live with the extra clutter for so many months you almost forget it’s there, then move it out again.

Have you ever read the book A Squash And a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson? Well it’s just like that. Only we didn’t move in a cow, a pig and a hen, but a fridge full of drugs and a whole load of other medical paraphernalia into the corner of our kitchen.

This week we’ve got rid of a fridge, a set of plastic drawers, a metal table, two drip stands and countless cardboard boxes full of nursing supplies from the shed.

When they arrived last October, I would be lying if I said I was over the moon, but I was overjoyed with what they would mean. My husband, who had been in hospital for nearly six months, would be coming home and all the extra stuff was to make sure he could receive the care he needed while he was here. As I’ve written about before, he had to have a large section of his bowel removed in an emergency last May, and as a result was left with problems fully absorbing food and drink and needed to be fed by a drip six nights a week. So filling my not so large kitchen with medical stuff was really a very small price to pay for having our family living under the same roof again.

Since then, those drip stands have been accessorised for Halloween, Christmas and three birthdays, and I have to say they make pretty good coat hangers and baby walkers too! But yay, now my husband is getting better, he doesn’t need the drip anymore and it was time to say bye bye to the fridge. Now it’s gone, not only do we have to adjust to not having extra room for milk and beer, we have to get used to having that little part of our house back, and it feels good.

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