• Flowers in milk bottles Rainbeaubelle.com
    Family life, Loss

    Two years on

    Two years on from my husband’s death and when people ask me if I’m ok, well sometimes I am and other times I am anything but. The thing about loss and grief is that time might make those sad moments more spaced out, but when…

  • Me and Mine June 2017 on a bench
    Family, Me and Mine

    Me and Mine – A Portrait for June 2017

    I’ve been joining in with the Me and Mine photography project for more than two years now and although it’s great that we have family snapshots of every month in that period, they are also some months where the photos are pretty hard to take!…

  • Lido through the trees
    Outings, Travel

    A summer solstice swim in Ilkley Lido

    Growing up I was lucky enough to live in a town which had its own outdoor pool, something I always thought of as normal and not at all fancy. Now I’ve moved back there more than 20 years later, everyone calls it the lido rather…

  • Fashion

    Shopping for a weekend away with #MonksCrossStyleHacks

    I love fashion, clothes and shopping and although I spend lots of time reading style blogs, checking out instagram posts from my favourite fashion bloggers and watching how stylish people I see out and about dress, I don’t often blog about it. Mainly because I…

  • Lavender and elderflower gins

    Lavender and Elderflower Floral Gins

    Regular readers of my blog will know I love a gin and tonic, from the time I sampled the local gin at Slingsby’s in Harrogate to the creation of a simple gin bar in the corner of my kitchen. It’s a top drink and I…

  • Sam, Flo and Jules on the balcony
    Me and Mine

    Me and Mine – A Family Portrait for May 2017

    You may or may not have noticed I’ve had a bit of a break on my blog, my writing has slowed and I’ve probably posted a little less on social media too. I seem to have had such a busy month that time spent on…

  • Sam and Flo by the river in May
    Family, Family life

    Siblings in May

    It’s been more than a year since I wrote an update on my two and how they are growing up together. I just checked and the last siblings update was in March 2016; they have grown a lot since then and so much has changed…

  • Jules outside the house in Derbyshire

    A girls’ weekend away in Derbyshire

    I feel really lucky in that I’ve made a lot of really good friends in my life so far, and manage to keep in touch with most of them with regular meet-ups and of course now online, by chatting regularly on social media. I have…

  • Cabbage White from Canva

    Butterflies and Those Tiny Reminders

    I saw my first butterfly of the year yesterday. A sign that summer is on its way, but also a reminder for me of my husband – who died nearly two years ago now – and how life changes. Butterflies are seen as a symbol…

  • Five under five in May
    Five under 5

    Five under £5 for May 2017

    The first of my five things under a fiver this month has caused a bit of a stir in my house. My glittery cat phone cover (£4.99 from H&M) has been a hit with Sam and Flo, who think it’s super cute but at the…

  • Me and Mine in Filey 2
    Family, Me and Mine

    Me and Mine – A Portrait for April 2017

    Do you sometimes get to the end of the month and think, what have we actually done in the past four weeks?! I’ve just been looking back on my blog for the month of April and it seems like a really long month that we…

  • Jules and Flo on the beach

    Being a Single Parent and the Childcare Juggle

    When you’re a parent it’s pretty hard to find – or make time for yourself, and even if you’re part of a couple it’s not the easiest of tasks. When you’re a single parent, it’s much more difficult as most of the week you are…