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  • Balloons for Daddy in April

    Birthday balloons in the sky

    It’s becoming a tradition in our little family that on certain dates of the year we let balloons go into the sky for Roger. This week we did it for the…

  • Wedding bouquet

    My five-year wedding anniversary as a widow

    This Saturday is a very special date for me. Well it would have been, if Roger were still here. We should be celebrating our five-year wedding anniversary this weekend. Saturday 12th…

  • View from the Marine Lake
    Family, Loss

    What I think about when I’m running

    β€œI’m often asked what I think about as I run. Usually the people who ask this have never run long distances themselves. “I always ponder the question. What exactly do I…

  • Telescope
    Family, Loss

    Daddy’s a star in the sky

    We were honest with our children when their dad was diagnosed with cancer last year. Pretty much from the start we made sure they knew what was going on, and even…

  • Notebook and flowers

    Six months and looking for inspiration

    It’s funny how these little milestones don’t really mean anything but when you sit and think about them, they feel so major. It’s been six months now since Rog died. That’s…

  • Balloons on Red Rocks

    Christmas balloons for daddy

    On the day of Roger’s funeral, when the service was over and we were in the sunny garden of the hotel where we held his wake, Sam, Florence and their cousin…

  • Family photo

    My first Christmas as a widow

    My six-year old, Sam, says this year is going to be the best Christmas for his sister Florence, who at two is at the perfect age for taking in all the…

  • A Year of Magical Thinking book
    Family, Loss

    Three months on and some magical thinking

    Yesterday was some strange kind of anniversary. It marked three months since my husband died. Three months – where has that gone? Who would have thought I would have survived three…

  • Rog and Flo at the hospice
    Family, Loss

    Hospice care and giving back

    My husband Roger spent around three months at our local hospice before he passed away in July. As I wrote at the time, when the word hospice was first mentioned to…

  • Flowers in a spotty vase
    Family, Loss

    On the Laziness of Grief

    “And no one ever told me about the laziness of grief.” – C.S. Lewis Grief has hit me in many ways, but the one I was least prepared for is the…

  • Balloons ready to go into the sky
    Family, Loss

    Setting balloons free for daddy

    Although I had been dreading the day of my husband’s funeral, by the end of the day I felt we had really made the day as good as it possibly could…

  • Funeral flowers
    Family, Loss

    Gone, but never forgotten

    Monday was the day of Roger’s funeral and despite worrying about how it would go, what I would say, whether I would be able to speak (or even stand), it went…